I want a headcount, guys - reblog if you seriously, canonically believe Dean is bisexual (with an obvious preference for women).

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Casual reminder that Mitt Romney physically assaulted a gay man.  Santorum was two letters away from calling Obama the n-word on national television.  Paul Ryan laughed as an elderly man with a broken arm was tackled to the ground.  All three of them have expressed their hatred of women in their policies.

Deadly serious reminder that if you vote for them, you are promoting people that have attitudes think these are okay things to do.

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This is now the third area in which Romney has refused to share specifics on the explicit grounds that so doing would be bad politically for him. Romney has repeatedly said he won’t release his tax returns because Democrats will find things in them to attack. And he has vowed to eliminate whole government agencies, but has confirmed that he won’t specify which ones precisely because his failed Senate bid taught him that getting too specific puts him at risk of losing. As Jonathan Chait has written, this is akin to saying: “One of the things I have found in previous elections is that announcing my plans makes people want to vote against me.”

(Emphasis mine.)

Do your job, media.

Do your job, reporters.

Do your job, cable news.

Do your job, newspapers.

Inform voters clearly and without the “both sides do it” false equivalency, that the Romney campaign is deliberately hiding what a Romney presidency would mean for the country, because the campaign knows that they will lose if voters find out their actual policy plans.

It is absolutely staggering to me that it is possible in this country for a person seeking to be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES can completely hide everything that person would do if elected and expect voters to be totally fine with that.

The cable news and national network news programs have a responsibility to clearly explain this to voters: Mitt Romney won’t tell you what he plans to do if you elect him, because he believes that if you knew, you wouldn’t vote for him.

That’s just astonishing to me.





how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.

like isn’t just like having sex idgi?

Sex education is important everyone.

#how do men not orgasm when taking a shit  #like isn’t it just like having anal sex 

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My fandoms are getting all confused.



Rupert Graves is going to be in an episode of Doctor Who this season. Benedict Cumberbatch is in the new Star Trek Movie. Christopher Eccleston is gonna be the villain in Thor 2.

It’s like everyone accidentally walked into the wrong classroom and are too British and polite to leave the lecture.

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A few weeks ago in London, Amanda showed me this video in email. She’d just got it from filmmaker Jim Batt. I watched it with the artist Judith Clute. When it finished, we made Amanda show it to us again, and then again. We laughed and gasped in the same places each time.

I love stop motion, and I love imagination, and I love that it’s a rock video that’s fresh and imaginative. AND ALL STOP-MOTION. 

The Guardian said,

There’s probably a metaphor in there somewhere relating to the open relationship Palmer has with her fans, but it also displays her willingness to bare all for her art. This feeling of being comfortable in her own skin can be seen in the stop-motion video – premiered here exclusively – for the excellent Want It Back, in which the lyrics to the song are scrawled on her body (bed sheets, walls and iPad). Talking about the making of the video, Palmer says: “I’m so comfortable being naked at this point that I almost forget … I’m also proud that that video has nudity, but it isn’t sexual or erotic … it’s using the body as a raw canvas, which I love.”

Filmed by Australian director Jim Batt, it’s a brilliantly intimate and anarchic representation of the song, the line “it doesn’t matter if you want it back, you’ve given it away” made even more open and honest. 

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Canton Everett Delaware III appreciation life.

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Can we please appreciate how future!Cas greets (what he thinks is) future!Dean, and then how he sort of backs away and changes his behavior entirely when he realizes it’s past!Dean?

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