can we all just look at the similarities here? this issue has recently been brought to my attention and i started looking into this. this is what ive come up with.. in the first photo, obviouslt this is the one we’re talking about. the “woman” in the bacon very well could be misha. notice the masculine hands, knees-feet. the feet of the nude and misha are the same. 

the second picture shows misha in a pink apron. i chose this one just because you can see his arms and shoulders. looks the same to me. but you look and be the judge.

the third photo is the closest picture of misha’s bare legs i could find for comparison to the bacon picture. the knees look exactly the same to me. the pose is even similar. just add a pair of pumps and viola!

the last picture i chose because his stance in this picture is the exact, from about waist down anyway, pose of the bacon model. im just putting all these pictures side by side so you can see the similarities..

and lets all be real here. this is MISHA FUCKING COLLINS we’re talking about.. he dressed in drag when he renewed his vows with his wife, he’s recently been seen wearing nail polish at asylum8, hes the biggest troll celebrity i can think of, and i can totally see him photoshopping himself in this. i just wanted everyone to see what im seeing in these photographs. you be the judge.

Noooo… wait.. maybe…

Fuck, look at those toes and hands. It fucking is.

I’ll put the chances of this actually being a slightly shopped version of him very high. If so, this is his best trolling yet.

Has anyone asked him about this yet? Have I just missed it?

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Misha Collins in No Brainers on Taxes

This is the best part. And the other part where he jogs in place in slowmo. 


Cackling over how Misha would react to this being dug up!

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idd. which is so, so rare in my world.

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Every argument is invalid right now!

I concur.

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